International Summer School
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
17. listopadu 15/2172, 708 33 Ostrava - Poruba



VSB-TU Ostrava was founded in 1849 and has since grown into a modern institution of higher learning, offering the highest levels of education in technical and economic fields, based on the interconnection of science, research, education, and the creative activity that binds and enhances them. Ostrava region has long been a hub of major industry in central Europe, and study and research at VSB-TU Ostrava is informed by historically close ties with major international companies, as well as by joint research and mobility programmes with university partners the world over. The University holds prestigious EU certificates ‒ the ECTS and DS Labels. VSB-TU Ostrava is a pleasant place to study and to start your professional career, making new friends along the way.

Our study programmes stand on a tradition going back more than 170 years, but reflect current, state of the art technologies and the needs of industry and society. Education is organized within 7 Faculties. Strong results in intellectual property protection of R&D output.  Partner universities, research institutions and exchange opportunities on 6 continents.

Dolní­ Vítkovice

A unique, globally renowned area in the centre of Ostrava where coal used to be mined and pig iron produced between 1828 and 1998. Now the industrial complex has transformed into a unique educational, social and cultural centre of a significance reaching beyond the region.